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What Will It Cost Me?

While your savings will range from 20% to 60% and more. Here are some cost examples of the more popular dental procedures:


Compare and Save

For the past twenty years, American Dental Group, has been providing access to dental care otherwise difficult to obtain for thousands of people.

American Dental Group is a great option for people who:

  • Have pre-existing dental conditions
  • Want to save more money on their dental work

Many people wonder how American Dental Group can be so inexpensive but still offer substantial savings.

They want to know "What is the catch?"

That is a question we hear all the time.

Almost everyone understands how traditional insurance works because it is so common.

This is not insurance! See our web presentation for more details.

Difficult though it may be to believe with today’s soaring medical benefit costs, ALL American Dental Group programs are available with a three year rate guarantee!

American Dental Group gives you access to huge savings at the dental office for ALL procedures. You save money on simple preventative treatments such as cleanings and x-rays as well as complex treatments such as root canals and bridges.

Dental providers have contracted to provide quality treatment to our members at greatly reduced prices. As a member, you pay the dentist directly at a lower price for the services rendered - and you are done. No worrying about complicated paperwork or waiting for payment reimbursements.


“I was very impressed by the way in which American Dental Group personnel took an interest in me as a person and in my dental emergency. They were helpful in locating a dentist the same day I enrolled in their plan, which was very important, considering a severe toothache.”
Baltimore, MD

Enroll at Dental Offices

One of the ways you can tell a quality dental plan from another is by looking at the number of dentists who support it. We’re proud that many of our offices offer the plan from their offices through our Patient’s Preference program. Call 1-800-633-3010 or (719) 633-3000 for a listing of these offices.

Find an Agent
Call 1-800-633-3010, or 1-719-633-3000, and our Member Services Department will be happy to answer any additional questions.
(Also see the following list of Professional Associates.)

Partial Listing of Professional Associates Outside Colorado


David Kesselring (800) 529-8376, Maryland Regional ADG Director
Dental Plans for Individuals, Groups and Associations
Broker for Health and Life Insurance

Joe Crovo, 800-856-7258

CALL 1-719-633-3000 or 1-800-633-3010 
to schedule an appointment or enroll

Or click on Enroll Now to use our online enrollment form




American Dental Group ~ PO Box 25517 Colorado Springs, CO 80917 ~ 1 (800) 633-3010